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Esmeralda 726 | C1007ABH
Ciudad de Buenos Aires | Argentina
Tel. 5411 4322 8567
Fax. 5411 4322 8606

Welcome to Hotel Posta Carretas

In the Colonial Río de la Plata, the “postas” were the places where the travelers, apart from changing their horses for new ones, took a break and rested from the dusty road.

Posta Carretas Hotel was designed with modern concepts of service and without losing sight of the clear goal of priority attention to the guest, providing him the same comfort the traveler received.

Interpreting the delicate concept of service that its owners wanted to imprint on it, architect Bottazzini built the Ceibo Tower and, some years later, the Ombú Tower was incorporated, which was built by architect Sánchez Elia.

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